A new kind of “clean” for USB drives! In an exclusive partnership, Verbatim® and Microban International® are now collaborating to produce high-quality, one-of-a-kind USB drives enhanced with antimicrobial product protection.

Built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection helps fight bacteria growth 24/7!

How Does Microban® Technology Work?

Microban® technology works by helping fight the growth of bacteria on a surface. Bacteria, a type of microbe, can lead to an array of problems, including bad odors, product and surface stains, a reduced product lifetime and more.

Microban® technology offers these benefits and more:

Invisible Protection, Visible Cleanliness
USB Stays Cleaner, Longer
Extended Product Lifetime
24/7 Product Protection
Won′t Wear Off Or Wash Away
Effective Against A Broad Spectrum Of Bacteria

Be sure to read the product description and information carefully to confirm if your USB drive will have Microban® product protection. For more information on Microban® and Verbatim® USB drives, you can also visit www.microban.com/verbatim.

Microban® FAQs

An antimicrobial can be defined as a substance that works to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria.
Microban® is built-in protection for solid products, coatings and fibers. The technology works to inhibit the growth of microbes on a surface that can cause staining, bad odors and premature degradation.
Microban® antimicrobial technology works at a cellular level to continually disrupt the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. It operates a multi-modal attack, damaging the protein, cell membrane, DNA and internal systems of a microbe. Once infused into a product, Microban® antimicrobial technology will start to work as soon as a microorganism comes into contact with the protected surface.
Microban® antimicrobial additives can be supplied in powder, polymer pellet or liquid forms, depending on the product to be treated and the manufacturing process employed. For example, polymer masterbatches are supplied in a choice of carrier resins, closely matched to the virgin polymer to allow homogeneous mixing and distribution.
USB drives are portable in nature, - used in school and office environments, and being shared with and passed to many different people. Or, if they’re not being used, they often find their way into the bottoms of purses, backpacks, and drawers – with little thought given to the cleanliness of passing from one place to another. Microorganism presence on their surface is inevitable. Microban® antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, and gives you added peace of mind when using your USB drive.
Microban® antimicrobial protection will inhibit the growth of most common bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi. It has even been proven effective against a broad spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.
To confirm if your USB drive contains Microban®, check the product packaging. If you are buying your USB drive online, be sure to read the product description and information carefully to confirm if it will have Microban® technology. Over time, as many of Verbatim® USB as possible will contain Microban®.
Microban® protection begins to work as soon as a microorganism comes into contact with the USB drive surface. It then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a USB drive without Microban® antimicrobial protection.
Microban® antimicrobial additives are used in a range of material types including polymers, coatings, ceramics and textiles. When incorporated into solid materials such as the polymers used in Verbatim® USB drives, Microban® is evenly distributed throughout the entire product.
No. The appearance and color of your USB drive is unaffected by the addition of Microban® product protection.
The Microban® treatment of the Verbatim® USB drive has no impact to the storage functionality of a USB drive.
Microban® antimicrobial additives are predominantly based on silver and zinc active ingredients.
Integrated Microban® product protection will remain present in the Verbatim® USB drive for its expected lifetime. The technology will not wash off, leach out or wear away.
Microban® treated USB drives are tested for their efficacy in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as ISO 22196:2007, JIS Z 2801:2000, ISO 20743:2007, JIS L 1902:2002, AATCC TM100, AATCC TM30 Pt III. The test method will be selected depending on the product type and antimicrobial additive used.
Microban® antimicrobial additives have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and have a long history of safe use, across a wide range of product types. The biocidal active components of Microban® antimicrobial additives are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as treated articles and are proven safe and effective for their specific end use applications.
The biocidal active components of Microban® antimicrobial additives are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as treated articles and are registered for their specific end use applications. FIFRA guidelines provide specific regulations on claims that can or cannot be made about treated articles. FIFRA provides pesticide regulation to protect applicators, consumers, and the environment.
Microban® is a safe and effective antimicrobial technology. It is unable to enter the waste water as it is bound into the solid treated product during manufacture. Therefore, the potential to leach is negligible.

About Microban International:

Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban International is home to the most trusted and well-known global brands in the antimicrobial, odor control, and sanitization / disinfection markets – Microban® and Ultra-Fresh®. Our organization has experienced over 100 collective years of growth and has revolutionized the industry. As the global leader, our proactive systems keep products cleaner, and control odors better by preventing problems before they start. Microban International® drives innovation by combining science and creative solutions that enhance high-quality consumer, textile, industrial and medical products around the world. Today, the Microban® and Ultra-Fresh® brands and our technologies are featured on thousands of products worldwide. The company is headquartered in North Carolina with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit www.microban.com.

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